Marionette Theatre Prague

Puppet theatre enjoys a long tradition in popular entertainment in both Prague and throughout the Czech Republic. Many of the lovingly-carved, wooden puppets in their historic costumes are true gems of artistic craftsmanship.

The National Marionette Theatre has dedicated itself to preserving and continuing this historic tradition and for more than twenty years has thrilled young and old alike with its unique productions such as Don Giovanni or the Puppets’ Gala.

In 1787 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart personally conducted the premiere of Don Giovanni, the “Opera of Operas”, which he had composed especially for Prague, at the Estates' Theatre.

As a tribute to the age of Mozart, the opera has been performed more than 2,500 times since 1991 and is one of the most successful productions of the National Marionette Theatre.

Tall, realistic puppets in period costume guarantee an exciting journey back in time to the eighteenth century, bringing the flair and milieu of the past back to life with Mozart’s wonderful compositions.


Marionette Theatre Prague
Žatecká 98/1
Prague 11000

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