Terezín Memorial

Terezín Memorial

Theresienstadt, which came to sorry fame as the site of a Nazi concentration camp, not only commemorates the victims of the Holocaust, it also exhorts visitors never to forget the unimaginable horrors of this period and thus to ensure that they can never be repeated.
The former military fortress was built in the 18th century by Emperor Joseph II and is inextricably linked with the history of World War II. The Main Fortress (i.e. the garrison town of Terezín) served as a transit camp for Jews from all over Europe, and in the wake of a visit by the International Red Cross designed to dispel rumours about extermination camps, featured in a propaganda film in 1944. The less well-known Small Fortress was used by the Gestapo as a prison. This is a tour that will leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

Tour: Walking tour + bus
Duration approx. 5 hours

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