Mozart Dinner Concert

Mozart Dinner Concert

The Mozart Dinner Concert is unique in Salzburg and all over the world. Imagine the experience of living in Mozart's Salzburg with all its colourful costumes and its culinary joys.

Enjoy the most popular compositions by W.A. Mozart by candlelight in the stylish ambiance of the Stiftskeller St. Peter restaurant. Music is played by Salzburg artists in historic costumes and a multiple-course dinner is served, prepared as it was in Mozart's times.

The first documented mention of the Stiftskeller St. Peter restaurant was in 803 on the occasion of Charlemagne's visit and, as the most ancient Central European restaurant, it is extremely popular.

The Mozart Menu:

  • Cream soup with the fine taste of lemons and cinnamon
  • Breast of roasted Capon* on truffled cream of sage with polenta, potato stuffed pear and vegetables from Pater Prior´s garden

(* Capon is a special kind of chicken)
"Take a good capon, cut open at its back, flavour with salt, pepper and herbs. Take a copper pot and overlay the bottom with thin slices of bacon and beef, put the capon in with the breast downwards, put chopped raw bacon beside and a bunch of herbs, cover the pot and seal properly, put ember on and under the pot and let braise. When it is cooked take the pot from the fire, pour a bit from the jus into a bowl, add the capon and bring to the table with the juice of a lemon. You can prepare turkey, partridge, young chicken, quails and young pigeons the same way."

  • Mozarts Sweet Secret

Semi-frozen parfait of forestal honey with fruit and caramel sauce

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