Kursalon Vienna

The Vienna Kursalon was built between the years 1865 and 1867 by Johann Garber in the style of the Italian Renaissance. After two years of restoration, the Kursalon sparkles in renewed splendour, inviting audiences to experience the musical pleasures that have thrilled visitors since the famed Promenade Concerts of the brothers Strauss. The Wiener Kursalon is one of the most beautiful concert venues in the heart of Vienna. Take part in this unforgettable evening filled with Viennese charm and joi-de-vivre. Enjoy the unique ambience and partake of this wonderful musical journey through time.

Originally, the Kursalon attracted only a few visitors, as the beautiful facilities were used solely as a spa. Concerts and other entertainment were strictly forbidden. But the thirst for music was greater than that for water. Only a year after its opening, the first Johann Strauss Concert took place on October 15th, 1868. Since then, the events have become an attraction within the musical life of Vienna. The Salonorchester "Alt Wien" upholds this tradition.


Johannesgasse 33,
1010 Vienna

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