Vienna Heurigen Show

Vienna Heurigen Show

A successful blend of Viennese Waltz and Operetta with traditional Viennese Heurigen Culture is presented by the 1st Vienna Heurigen Show at the famous "Wine Tavern Wolff".
Dressed in colorful costumes, the talented musicians of the 1st  Vienna Heurigen Show, supported by 2 singers (soprano & tenor) and 2 charming dancers, entertain their audience with a selection of famous waltz melodies, polkas and romantic arias & duets from operettas such as "The Bat", "The Gipsy Baron" or "The Merry Widow".

Come to Neustift am Walde and discover "Wiener Gemütlichkeit"!

Extract of the program:

  • Ob blond, ob braun, ich liebe alle Frauen - Robert Stolz
  • Wünsch guten Abend ("Wiener Blut") - J. Strauss
  • Stoßt an ("Wiener Blut") - J. Strauss
  • Schwipslied ("Eine Nacht in Venedig") - J. Strauss
  • Tanzen möcht' ich ("Csárdasfürstin") - Emmerich Kálmán
  • Im Feuersstrom der Reben ("Die Fledermaus") - J. Strauss


  • Appetizers: Various cheese spreads, bread, rolls
  • Soup: Clear soup with pancake stripes
  • Main Course: Warm mixed plate with roasted loin, salt pork, pan fried sausage, sauerkraut, white bread dumplings, salads
  • Dessert: Viennese apple strudel
  • Drinks: Wine all incl., table water, coffee


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