Imperial Court Chapel

The Imperial Court Chapel (Hofburgkapelle) is located in the oldest part of the Vienna Imperial Palace (the Wiener Hofburg). The Imperial Court Chapel was first unveiled in the year1296. Though the original gothic architectural style of the Imperial Court Chapel has greatly changed over the last centuries through various remodeling and renovation projects, its architectural structure and the design of its statues strongly reflect the Weichen Stils or "soft style" of the Imperial architectural tradition.

The Imperial Court Chapel’s interior showcases priceless jewels that adorn the statues and figures inside it. The delicately crafted keystones in the vaulted ceilings show the raised relief images of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary with the Christ child, Saint Johannes the Evangelist, and the Angel Gabriel. On the columns that surround the room, under stone canopies are painted figures of the Saints, each dressed in folded, crinkled clothing made in the 15th century. Above the side-altar on the left side of the chapel, the standing Virgin Mary statue epitomizes the image of the "Beautiful Madonna". The painting on the right side-alter portrays the espousal of St. Katherine with the Christ child and was painted in the 19th century by the Academy Professor Hubert Maurer.

The impression of the interior of the Imperial Court Chapel is substantially determined by the later additions of raised platforms and private galleries, both of which originate from the 16th century.


Hofburg - Schweizerhof,
1010 Wien

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